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Round the Clock - Baby Tracker Journal for Newborns (UPDATED)

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  • For newborns, night owls, and nursing moms
  • Easily record and monitor a newborn baby's daily activities, schedules, and needs
  • 3-month journal format featuring day and night Baby Tracker page views (90 two-sided pages = 90 day and night tracking pages)
  • Day and night (24 hr) tracking of nursing, feeding, sleep, diaper changes, milestones, to-dos, and more
  • Spiral bound and designed to open and lay flat for easy recording and viewing
  • Collectible milestone and memory page on the back cover
  • For the sleep-deprived, great way to keep track
  • Printed in the USA on recycled paper
  • iParenting Award Winner

Welcome to Round the Clock–Baby Tracker®, the original and award-winning Baby Tracker log book. This organized activity-tracking journal makes it easy to record and review nursing/feeding and sleep schedules, diaper changes, and daily needs for the newborn infant or night owl who is active around the clock.

Helps track nursing and feeding schedules, record sleep patterns, and monitor the baby's daily needs in an easy-to-use format. 

This spiral-bound journal version features our child care "day on a page" with day and night Baby Tracker charts formatted to easily view and record activity by time with a simple check box or fill-in-the-blank area for notes.  In this 24-hour version of the Baby Tracker, we've included a night tracker page–6 pm to 6 am and a day tracker page 6 am to 6pm to work with child care time blocks and give you a 24-hour view.   Each page has areas to jot down to-dos, milestones, notes, and needs for each day.

Great communication tool for doctor visits and child care handoffs. And a memorable keepsake of baby's firsts and milestones.