An Evening Out Tracker - Baby Tracker Babysitter Tear Pad

$ 7.00

From Time Too

  • For babysitter and parents in need of a well-deserved, stress-free evening out.  Makes a great gift.
  • Counter-top babysitter tear pad with fill-in Baby Tracker smarts
  • Two-sided event pages help communicate important information to the baby sitter and help the baby sitter communicate the activities of the evening
  • 50 date-night sheets per pad
  • Side 1: evening, event and contact info
  • Side 2: Baby Tracker evening tracking page to record activities and schedules
  • Gift packaged with ribbon and shrink wrapped
  • Use stand-alone or slide into back cover slot of Baby Tracker binder

Simplicity and convenience. An Evening Out- Baby Tracker babysitter tear pads are designed for baby sitters or occasional evening events that require child care communications.

Ready to fill-in with evening details and contact information that will easily tell your baby sitter all the vital information needed to contact you, along with emergency numbers organized and ready to view.The backside is a fill-in Baby Tracker page that lets the babysitter easily record feeding, sleep, and baby's evening events in our award-winning fill-in page charts.

A thoughtful extra for your Baby Tracker baby gift for new moms who look forward to "an Evening Out" and a little time to celebrate, play or reconnect with family or friends.


- 5.5" x 8" tear pad

- 50 evenings / pages

- shrink wrap with bow-tie ribbon